Life is beautiful

We all have days that we are just not feeling it. Sometimes it is already when you wake up that you have the feeling today is not your day. Well, I am here to tell you that today is your day, and that you are blessed beyond your imagination. These are just little reminders on how to enjoy life everyday. 

Live in the moment
Every second of our life we have the option to live in the moment or be somewhere else with our thoughts. I have always found it difficult to live in the present due to my anxiety. The first step for myself is dealing with this anxiety, and then learning to live in the present. The opposite of living in the future is living in the past, which can be emotionally draining. Thinking and living in the past is not going to improve your present state of mind. What has happened is over, no matter how much you think about the what if's. Your past experiences don't define the person you are today or want to be tomorrow. The past has passed.

The little things
Life is not about that big promotion, that expensive dress or your dream car. Life is about the leaves changing colours in the fall. About the first sunrays of spring season on your face. About laughing and crying together. Listening to your favorite music with your eyes closed. Laying in the grass on a warm summer night and watching falling stars. Driving to the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves rolling on the beach. About spending time with people you love, and care for you. Don't worry about your financial situation, but focus on everything you do have. Count your blessings, not your money. 

Beautiful things everwhere
Beauty is everywhere around you, but it is up to you to open your eyes and heart for it. As Confucius said; 
''Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it''
Make the decision for yourself to look at things in a different aspect. Everything and everyone is beautiful, but we have been influenced so much that we are almost blind to it. Go out for a day in nature and guaranteed you will see all the beauty that you have missed. Look outside to the sun, isn't it beautiful. Can you imagine a life without the sun? Probably not, because life itself wouldn't be possible. What about the trees that give us our oxygen. The beautiful ocean that is the home of so many animals. Rainbows that teach us that it won't be rainy and stormy forever. The blue sky that gives us something to look up to. These kind of things have been common for us, we don't notice them anymore. But have a moment to yourself to take it all in. 

Life is for
uncontrolled laughter
strange adventures
and chasing your dreams

I guess this post was inspired due to my aunt passing away just 5 weeks after finding some spots on a scan that turned out to be cancer. (I talked about this a bit in previous posts). This made me think about how fragile and vulnerable life is, and there is so much to be thankful for. We take little things for granted because we don't have time and patience to look around and take in all the beautiful things. This hit me hard and I want to encourage everyone to live everyday like it is your last one. I never imagined something like this happening to my family, you see this in movies. All of a sudden you are in the movie. I have been on a roller coaster, and we are trying to get back to our daily lives.
Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and that is alright. Allow yourself to feel this way, but don't stay in your bad mood. Life is too good to be sad all the time. Life is a gift, cherish it. 

<3 Warm hugs and love

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