How to stop worrying

Everyone worries from time to time. This can range from whether our family members are safe to if you forgot to pack lunch for your son or daughter. It is almost impossible to live a life without any worries. That would almost mean that you don't really care, right? But after the 'normal' worries, it can get out of hand. This can lead to anxiety or depression.

Worrying usually has to do with a certain fear. It can be a repetition of something that has happened before or the fear/feeling can be new to you. It can also be something genetic or you have seen your one of your parents worry during your childhood. You might be unaware of this, but somehow it had an impact on how you deal with fears. Having a lot of responsibilities at a young age can make you more vulnerable to become a person with worries. This topic just depends on what kind of person you are and how you were brought up. 


You are not in control of the universe. You can only influence your environment to a certain level. No matter how much time you spent over-thinking a situation, this will not change the outcome. You have to let go. Once you realize that no matter what you do, the situation will not change, you fill find peace with your mind.


This is kind of a tricky subject. Usually, the more you try not to do something, the more it is on your mind. So if you forbid yourself to think about a certain situation, chances are you will spent more time thinking about it. However, what you can do is allow yourself to worry, but only at a certain time. Say you spent 30 minutes in the car driving back home from work, allow yourself to worry. But you must promise that this is all the time you get. If you have trouble falling asleep at night and tend to over-think, get some magazines, books or music to keep you company until you fall asleep. My experience is that when you start worrying at night, you will continue to do so for the next three hours. And the results? Absolutely nothing.


Talk to someone about, anyone that you trust. They might be able to help you. Perhaps they have struggled with the same subject but have found a way to deal with it. Don't feel embarrassed to ask anyone for support, people that love you want the best for you. 
It can also help to write down your thoughts, close your notebook and leave it in there. You can write everyday about what keeps your mind busy, but leave it with that. 

Have faith

When you are worrying about something, try to let it go and have faith. Of course, this is easier said than done. But once you have a found a way that works for you, it is easier to trust the fact that it will all be ok. Learn how to deal with your feelings. This is especially helpful when it is a problem that you'll face for a longer period of time. Try to live from day to day, rather than in the future. 
Don't forget, worrying from time to time is alright. It shows that you care. However, when it consumes your day more than it should, consider changing something. 

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