Finding courage

The past week my life has changed for the better. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, a turn of 180 degrees. I have been feeling down for the past three months but I am happy again. 
It was a change from night to day, from rain to sunshine, from cold to warmth. I have read those quotes over and over again, about how it is possible to change your life , and if your sad you are the one that is steering the wheel. But these inspirational words did not make sense until now. And although it seemed like such a big deal, I should have done this a long time ago. 
I decided to stop my current education, the word is out. I hadn't noticed how unhappy I was with the major I was following. How it was impossible to dream of my future because it was not going to make me happy. However, nothing else matched my interest, so I pretty much had to follow this program. Why? Because that was expected from me, and it made sense. But for once I got to make a decision in my interest, and I had no idea I could feel this way about it.

Of course it was painful to quit after this time, but rather this way than being unhappy for the rest of my life. And this was a life lesson that I learned, once more. When I was an exchange student I had to change families twice, due to the fact things weren't right and I was uncomfortable. This was a painful process because people's feelings were hurt. However, after all the pain, I learnt what it was like to experience true happiness and laughter. And I feel like this again. It still hurts to think back of everything that happened, and sometimes feeling like a disappointment, but then I think back of how unhappy I was, and what an unhealthy environment I was in. It was all for the better.

Lessons to be learnt

Life is going to be tough. Sometimes life will be painful. It is teaching us lessons that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. But the biggest storms that we will face, those count the most. They will give us back a reason to live. 

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. For me not finding an internship or another course to continue the major I was following was the moment I got the courage to completely quit. In the end it was what I needed to be happy again. This might sound crazy to some people, but for me it was just what I needed. I am sad that I got in such a low place the past months, but I am happy that these times will pass. I came out of it as a stronger and different person than I was in July. Sometimes life will be painful and we will have to cry ourselves to sleep because of our heavy hearts and messed up minds. But we must be strong and courageous. 

If you are having a hard time, maybe you need change, but you're lacking courage. I want to say that you must not be afraid. Talk to someone about it, and pray, and change what needs to be different. You DO have control of your life. You ARE in control of your happiness. You CAN change your future for the better. I believe in you, and hope that you are brave enough to change whatever needs to be different in order for you to enjoy life. 

Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, just be strong, and put on your game face. Strong walls shake, but never collapse.

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