HOPE - hold on, pain ends

This four letter word makes me get up in the morning. It brings me new dreams and the motivation to continue. It brings me joy and wipes away my tears. 

Hope can change your perspective 180 degrees. It can make you believe that a window will open when a door closes behind you. It will bring you strength and inspiration. If you have hope, you will believe that anything is possible. Something so simple, yet so difficult to believe. It is one of those words that people tell you when you are facing difficult times. ''It will get better, just have hope''. Well, easier said than done. But once you look beyond your struggles, and start believing again, life will become better. 

Romans 12 tells us to rejoice in hope, and it will not disappoint us. Jeremiah says that we should not fear anything, because He is for us. We should have hope in Him. 

When your life is dark, and no light can be found, turn to the almight King. He will bring you sunshine and fill you with hope. He will bring you new dreams to follow, and help you to choose the right path. From all people, I know what it is like to feel the whole world is against you. You have no reason to live, or something to live for. But when I turned to God, He gave me the strength and hope to never give up. He has given me unconditional love and shows me a new reason to live every single day. He has made a promise to all of us. We will have struggles and difficult times, however they will end. That is a promise He will never break. No matter how depressed, sad or stressful you may feel, these times will end. We will enter a new life, full of happiness, joy and loving people around us. So let this be your hope. Give your struggles to the lord, and let Him comfort you. Share your frustrations, and thank Him for the life you were given. The battle you are fighting right now will end. 

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