Fall inspiration

When it was at the end of August I didn't want to think of the fact that summer was about to be over. However, when all the fall/winter decorations and clothes were all over the place I got kind of excited. I like to wear blue/grey/black and brown clothes, but in summer that would not be the best option. (I once wore a black skinny and my mom asked if I was becoming a gothic?) Anyhow, I tried to look for many reasons to be happy summer would be over, and definitely found them.
The past week I spent in a cabin away in the forest. The colors were beyond beautiful. We took long walks with our dog and it was absolutely fascinating to see all the beauty around me. It is such a miracle that every year nature knows exactly what to do. 

Here is a picture of the beautiful view, although this does not paint what I got to see with my eyes. I enjoyed every minute of the past week. 

I put out all the fall decorations, and love lighting the cinnamon candles. And beside that I have eaton tons of apple/cinnamon pies.
Below I posted some more fall inspiration, just to get you more excited :)

Have a wonderFALL day

(How cute is this for a fall wedding)

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