I have been ridiculously (is that a word) busy. And so many things are happening at the same time, it's crazy. First I want to give an update which is kind of good news. My grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer, yet has quite a good diagnosis. He refused any kind of treatment, which is OK, he is almost 90 years old. Instead he's getting hormones, and all his levels dropped and he is simply doing just wonderful. Here I was so frightened to loose him, but for now he is actually healthy. He can still live on his own, does groceries on his bike, goes to the chess-club. I was so afraid having to say goodbye to him, and the opposite happened, he is in great shape! That is such a big thing that I couldn't be more thankful for.


Well furthermore I got to travel to London in December for school, to attend a conference. It was great, and I just love that city. All the Christmas decorations were out, and I just finished the semester, so no better start to my well deserved break. 

Look at the pretty-ness!

At the moment I am searching for an internship, which is a pain in the butt.  It is so difficult, so many organisations and places I would love to go to. Next to that I'm attending college full-time, trying to squeeze in gymtime 3-4x a week and still working on school when I get back to my dorm. Overall, I am just too busy, or at least thats how it feels. My head is just full of stuff and I really need to take it a step back and find some peace and quiet. Which is more difficult than it sounds, especially when you don't have the time for it. My weekends consists of doing NOTHING, literally. I try to plan nothing so my body and mind can relax for two days, to gain back fuel for the next week. 

 Don't forget to take a step back every once in a while (or every day if you can/want to) and think about what is happening in your life, during your days and in your mind. What are your dreams? What are you doing at the moment to make them come true? Who do you love or care for? Do they know? I find out almost everyday that 24hrs is just not enough...yet we often do not make the most out of it. Life is so simple yet so complicated. Do what makes you happy. That's all. 

And if you want to take a time out of working, doing homework, going to classes, working at your office job, or WHATEVER you do, I have so tips

- Paint your nails (yourself, or treat yourself and get a mani/pedi)

- Go to a park, pack some fruit, walk around and sit on a bench. Inhale the fresh air, look around, life's good :)
- Find an 'impossible' recipe online, go to the store and get the ingredients. Prepare and make a picture of it. How much does it (not) look as the recipe? Maybe it tastes delicious!
- Go to the beach (my favourite place in the world ) sit in the sand and let the wind blow in your face. Close your eyes and listen to the waves. You can also go to a lake or river, it's so peaceful. Don't forget your little picknick!
- Simply do nothing. It is probably harder then it sounds

Don't count every hour in the day, but make every hour in the day count

A happy heart makes the face cheerful (proverbs 13)

Have a great and peaceful Sunday!

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