Goals for Spring season

I have a journal that, occasionally, I find time to write whatever is on my mind. Six weeks ago I wrote down goals I have for this semester. I guess I had already forgotten about them, but today I scrolled through and had a little reminder. The things with these goals is that I never really looked back at them. I wrote them in that moment, closed my journal only to open it six weeks later. But…the semester ain't over yet, so I still have a chance. I have actually, unknowingly, already met a lot of them. 

Get up before 12
I know, this sounds awful, but it is a real goal for me. When I had depression, this almost, no.. it was impossible. But I am sure that at all times I have gotten up before 12. So for me, this is a big victory. Even though it feels like there is nothing worth to get up for, I did it anyways. And It made me feel better physically and it helps to go to bed on time.

Keep a schedule/ daily rhythm
This is related to my previous goal, but so hard. It was difficult to change my schedule. I would get up around 1PM, and go to bed around 2.30AM. Somehow I managed to change that. The previous week I actually got up around 7.30 and it felt so good. I understand this is a normal or even 'late' time for some people to get up, but for me it was unusual. Victory II!

Healthy choices
I guess I made healthy choices regarding food choices and options. But I wasn't so healthy when it came to my calorie intake. I lost 15 lbs and got so excited that I started eating less to a point it was difficult to function. It was not even to lose more weight, but where I couldn't physically eat anymore. This weekend was a good wake up call when I realized that eating so little was impossible and unhealthy. Crazy! So this is both a yes and no. 

Mental health before anything else
What I meant with this goal is that my mental health comes first. If I feel anxious I don't force myself to do something. Right now I am focusing on myself and feeling comfortable. And I have really succeeded on putting myself first. 

Letting down my walls & letting people in
Over the years I have put up huge walls, making it difficult to let other people in. I am aware of this and am learning to trust people. Not easy, but so worth it. I noticed that acceptance and awareness of this was the first step.

Study & attend 3/4 of lectures
So I totally failed this goal so far, but my professor is so boring. During his lectures I can be much more effective doing something else. I went today and was wondering what I was doing there. I still don't know what we talked about today because there was no structure and topic. He is a philosopher, so he just likes to talk about anything and everything ;). 

Let things happen
I need to be more spontaneous. I like to be cautious to prevent anything surprising to happen, while that is what makes life more fun. That is where you make some of the best memories. I need to learn to stop saying no to everything and start saying yes. Yet to happen!

Do you have any goals for this spring, month or week? Or do you have any goals you want to reach until summer? Do you reward yourself?


  1. Hello Jessica. So good to know you through your profile on the blogger and the blog post. I am glad to stop by your blog post and go through your blog post which motivates others with the kind of short term goals you have and your determination to keep up to those goals. Very inspiriing. Well I am from Mumbai, India the other part of the world but the Lord had purpose in getting me connected with you. I am in the Pastoral ministry for last 35yrs in this great city of Mumbai a city wth great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reach out to the poorest of poor with the love of Christ to bring healing to the broken hearted.We also encourage young and the adults from the West to come to Mumbai with your friends to work with us during your vacation time. I am sure you will have a life changing experience. I am sure you will have a life changing experience. My email id is: dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. Looking forward to hear from you. God's richest blessings on you.

  2. Great goals to set! I'm trying my best to get more active, to blog more frequently and to read more for pleasure, not study!

    Robyn :)

  3. Since the start od the year, I have change a lot my habits not only the food also mentally haha now, I´m better and really happy for have done it!


  4. Great post! Very motivation - I love it!

    Anika |

  5. Sounds like you've done really well with most of your goals, it's good that you've been getting up earlier and having more structure to your days - I know that doing that helps me feel better as well. Maybe it's the sense of achieving something in the day and not wasting it?? And don't worry, I am so bad at going to lectures as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. It's great that you are keeping up with your goals so well!

    My ongoing goals are to keept a healthy work-life-balance. I tend to take work home. As a teacher that's obviously part of my job to work at home. But I often push too hard.

    Another goal is to keep in touch with friends who moved away. I'm awful at this one. Seriously. I've lost contact to almost all of my friends from school and college. I talk to them once in a while (most of the time tey call... and I always feel ashamed because I didn't call) but I've never visited one of them ever again.