Paris is always a good idea!

People around me know what my favorite thing is; to travel. Nothing makes me happier and feel alive the n exploring new areas. Last week I was in the city of love, Paris. (With friends, no lover anywhere close). I stayed in a hostel not too far away from the inner city. It wasn't my first time in Paris, but I actually got to enjoy it more than the previous two times. The first time I visit a place I want to see as much as I can. But this time I was not in a rush, therefore I got to walk and enjoy the beauty I was surrounded with. I had time to sit in the Sacre-Coeur and listen to the choir. I experienced a totally different Paris than last time, because I had no rush or stress. 
Paris has such a nice vibe, and unlike last time, barely any tourists during this time of the year. I was there once on July 14th, their national holiday day. One word; crazy! If you can, avoid the summer months, starting late April until September, as well as December. At least, if you don't mind a little colder weather. It will save you heaps of frustration and long waiting lines for attractions. 

So each time I end up doing different things, but the one thing I have done 3 times is climb the Arc de Triomphe. If you are a student (and I think under 26) it is free! You have an amazing view on the Champs-Elysees, eiffel tower and the Sacre-coeur. I prefer this option over climbing the eiffel tower due to the view, budget and no waiting line. I have heard, but not experienced, that the Montparnasse tower, tallest skyscraper of France, gives a breathtaking view. 

Although the Louvre offers great art, we ended up heading almost straight to the Mona-Lisa due to time restrictions. And in front of this little painting were tons of tourist crowded with their cameras out. You would almost need a week to really see everything the Louvre has to offer. If you are on a budget or tight schedule, I would skip this museum. I also preferred Musée d'Orsay over the Louvre. This museum offers a lot of art of impressionism in an old railway station. From van Gogh to Renoir, Whistler's mother to sculptures of Rodin, a wide variety is offered. If you are interested in philosophy, literature or the enlightenment period, you can visit the Pantheon. This is where Victor Hugo, Rousseau and Voltaire are buried. It is a beautiful old church, across from the law faculty. Which museum you want to visit (or all) really depends on your personal taste, preference, budget and time. 

Now if you want to go to Paris but have flexibility in your schedule, go the first sunday of the month (preferably not during the summer). The first sunday means to get in free to almost all attractions. To our surprise it was actually not that busy, but we were happy to make use of this offer the city of Paris provides. 
Many food options are available in this city, it depends on your taste and budget. I would highly recommended the falafel in the Marais district  Go to L'as du fallafel and you will try the best falafel you have ever had, I promise! For just 6 euros and a little bit of waiting time (the line seems long but it goes pretty fast) you won't be disappointed. You can either have take-out or sit inside. In the Montmartre neighborhood (Sacre-Coeur) are also many affordable dinner options. And if you find a crêpes stand, treat your self, because these are delicious!

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  1. Oh I love Paris (actually I need to go there at least every other year for a weekend)!
    If you have more time I recommend visiting Versailles. You can go there by train (approx. 20 minutes) and spend a while day there.
    The castle itself is usually crowded but the garden is the real deal! I love to explore the royal garden, find a nice place to sit and read a book. And it is huge... You can rent a boat or a golf cart there to get around the garden properly.