Missing home

Today I moved all my stuff to the other side of the country. I feel lonely, bored and confused. Two weeks ago I couldn't wait to move out and start this new journey. Last week the anxiety kicked in. And three days ago until now I was extremely sad. Being such an family oriented person, I knew I was going to miss them so much. But now I feel a little hole in my heart. Tears are going down my cheeks, and I'm not sure how I will fall asleep tonight. Perhaps watch movies until my eyes cannot stay open any longer. All I want to do is pack my bags and go back home. when I went abroad for a year it was so easy to leave, and now it isn't…why? I will try to look for other things to do tonight. Why can't I live at home forever. I guess once I get into my routine, start school and make new friends I will be alright. But for now my heart is aching and I'm missing home terribly. 

I guess I forgot to mention that I actually found a room! It's not too big, decent size, fits all of my crap. bad thing, I have to share the bathroom and kitchen. But having that on my own was just too expensive. It's close to the city centre, central in the city and close to the university I will be attending. 

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