Goals and failure - don't give up

I have made a lot of mistakes over the years, but somehow everything turned out alright. When something doesn't happen according to your plans, something better is hiding around the corner. And just because things aren't happening as you wish, or right now, you must refuse to give up. 
One of the most important life lesson is to keep going when the road has bumps. Life is testing you, your strength, motivation and will power. It is ensuring that what you aim for is really your life purpose. The process does not go smoothly and fast, but it will be worth every step and drop of sweat. 


It doesn't matter what your goal is; searching for a job, studying to get into college, trying to loose weight, becoming a better person, turning your life around...anything and anyone needs motivation to continue. And yes, sometimes it is hard to stay focused. And yes, sometimes you want to give up. And yes, that is alright. If you fall of the wagon, or think of giving up, please just don't. Success is not blowing in your face. Getting into college will not 'just' happen. Those ten pounds will not disappear today. However, it is you who is mostly in control of reaching that goal. 

You can turn your dreams into a reality. You can have the success you long for. And finally you can tell other people; ''I told you I could do it''.
Do it for the person who said you couldn't do it. Do it for your parents who didn't believe in you. Do it for you! For all those times you wanted to quit. For all those times you thought you were a loser because you had no motivation. For the times that nobody believed in you. Turn that mental button in your head and go for it! 

If you fall down and are frustrated, that is a moment to prove yourself that you can do it. Don't let that little voice in your head tell you; 'you cannot do it, you aren't that strong, you aren't that good, you aren't that fit'. Prove everyone, including yourself, wrong. And when that moment happens, be proud of yourself. You could do it. It was a long road, but worth everything!

Have a goal in mind, believe in yourself, remove yourself from people that don't support you, and give it 110%. 

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