Favorite budgetproof body products

So after my favorite facial beauty products, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite body products.

Face wash
My favorite facial cleanser is the fresh foaming cleanser from Neutrogena. It doesn't have alcohol and oil in it, and really (really) cleans your face. It doesn't feel dehydrated or dry afterwards, and your skin feels soft and has no leftoversp. At walmart you can get two for 10 dollars, and they will last for two years.
Soft, softer, softest
So this product intially got my attention because it was on sale and it was for 'toning' your body. Now I know that products don't perform miracles, but I still wanted to try it out. It smells lovely, sweet and clean. And it leaves your skin so soft! It is for in the shower, but it doesn't really rinse that much. Anyway, I really like it!

No drought
One of my favorite brands is Lush. Its all natural, no animal testing, lots of vegan products. I really like their shampoos, and you might think that you pay a lot for them, but all products last for a very long time. One of my favorites is the dry shampoo ''no drought''. You can get it for either 7 or 14 dollars, and the bottle I have lasts already for a year (and yes, I use it a lot). It smells really fresh, like lemon, and gives you instant volume. Don't forget to brush your hair, you don't want to look like you have grey hair ;)

Cashmnere moments
I got this shower cream in London and absolutely love the smell..I haven't seen it in the US yet, but I think Amazon offers it. It was 2 pounds and seriously, I don't think I have ever smelled anything like that. If I wake up the next morning after using it I can still smell it on my arm... I am in love with this product. So for my European viewers...try it and you wont be disappointed!

Totally twisted
For people with curly or wavy hear I highly recommend this shampoo....totally twisted from herbal essence. It is sold everywhere (wally world) and the best thing about it is the smell. Well, of course what it does to my hair is important, but I cannot help but smell my hair and the products I use, and this is so good. I think they changed the name from it's a curl thing to totally twisted. I was looking for the curl but couldn't find it. However this one has the same smell and does the same to my hair. It's under 5 dollars, but don't forget to make use of sale opportunities and coupons.

I think what is so important to not every buy 'normal' products. Being a student I have learned to be smart when it comes to purchasings products. I have noticed some kind of pattern of my favorite brands, the stores where they are sold and discounts. So keep track and p(l)ay smart. You should not have to buy products for the full price. Think about all the products that you use in one year, and take half the price off. That is a lot of savings, and you can use that for other important stuff like....sigh..buying school books or paying rent. Or a holiday to the Carribean!
But in all seriousness, my rule is if it's not for sale, I don't buy it. 

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