You are good enough

Women worldwide endure a lot of pressure throughout their lives. Pressure to be successful, to be 'skinny', to look attractive, to run a household, to take care of their children and work at the same time. Although I am not a hardcore feminist, many times occur that I'd rather not be a woman. Or just to be a man for one day. Not having to deal with a monthly cycle, putting on make up and blowdrying my hair in the morning, or feeling unsafe or uncomfortable when it gets dark. Women face many struggles, in every part of the world. The role of women is very different in each culture.

I have met girls that were fired because they got pregnant. Without any financial support they had to take care of a baby. No job often means no college degree. Therefore not being able to provide for your family. In some middle eastern countries women are not allowed to drive a car. In some African countries, all women can do is sit at home and look after their children. 
No matter what, why are women treated differently than men? Why are we often more vulnerable. And why are we attacked by the media. Why do we never feel good enough because we don't look and act a certain way. Why do people take advantage of women, whom are seen as weak victims. Who gives men the right to sexually assault us. I was walking towards the city center this Monday and a man shouted nasty sexual comments to me. Even though he didn't knew me, I honestly wanted to cry. I felt disgusted and just a piece of meat. Is this all I am good for? 

I saw this video of International Women's day, in Brazil. I thought it was such a great and heartwarming initiative. Women did not have to pay for their purchase as they admitted they were beautiful. I am not saying in any way women are more important than men, however they often face a more difficult time. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world women have a lot of expectations to live up to. But you should be proud of yourself. You should be proud of being a woman. And a day like this, which is celebrated in March, is a moment to reflect on your position in this world. (Not only international women's day, but every day is a moment to think about your role in the family and society)

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