Another week has come and go, and to me time is moving by so fast. Before we know it we will be in April, Spring will arrive and we will move to summer. Three months of 2016 will have come and go, do you realize that means 1/4 of 2016 has passed? Seriously, where is the pause button at?
Anyway, here is another little sneak peak into my life, currently traveling in and around Finland. If you want you can follow me on instagram.

In the middle of the woods there is a cute little cottage hidden between trees. The way to get there is by a cross country skiing path, or as we did, we hiked our way up. Beautiful scenery and complete silence. This little cat was sure to not let any strangers into his home, which offers coffee and delicious chocolate cake, as well as traditional Finnish sweets.

Two days ago I was sure spring would show up. Well, nature was just joking, because at night a blizzard came in and on Friday everything was covered with snow (again) and it was really cold.

Sunday Funday, or in my case sunday means long walks and wandering to place I have never been or just enjoy spending time.

Ice skating adventures, after 13 years I tried again

Coffee and sun in my favorite coffee, with the best view

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