7 things to love about winter

WHAT? Things to love about winter? Yes! If there was anyone in this world that would not like the winter it would have always been me. Until two months ago. Until I went to Finland, and discovered real winter. With snow, ice and frozen and snow covered pine trees. Walking in a winter wonderland had never been so real until this January.

What makes it a winter wonderland? Snow! It is amazing how nature works and what beauty and fun it has to offer us. One of my favorite sounds is when you are one of the first to walk on fresh fallen snow.

If you are lucky enough, living close to a lake means outdoor skating! Currently living in Finland makes me double as lucky! Considered as the country of 1000 lakes there are enough places to go ice skating. However, the city also keeps ice rinks in the city clean and they are free of usage. 

In my opinion there is not a prettier place during the winter to go to as a snow covered forest. Frozen pine trees and paths that lead you right through the forest. Perfect low-key outdoor activity to enjoy, to relax and enjoy beautiful nature.

Winter time is the perfect time for outdoor activities! Are you into snowboarding, skiing or cross country skiing than you probably don't hate winter either. I love anything to do outdoors!

You don't have to be under the age of 12 to be permitted to go sledding. This twenty something chick still loves to go sledding. I'd say why miss out on something that you enjoy and keeps you young. Besides, I see enough older people (above 50) that go sledding, so I think we're good to go.

I don't know about you, but in the winter I tend to enjoy food more than I do in the summer. Especially when it is very hot I just survive on watermelon, ice cream and water. While I actually enjoy cooking and good food, but especially in the winter I love to cook for hours and dine for a long time. And my favorite drinks are best in the winter time: hot chocolate, cappuccino and tea.

I love black clothes. Unfortunately, during spring and summer I am not really allowed to wear them. Well, I can but I guess wearing all black when the sun its 30 degrees is not the best idea. Besides black clothing, I love wearing scarves. I love them so much that if I don't wear them I feel naked and something feels off. I have cute scarves for summertime, but sometimes it is just plain too hot to wear any. But winter is perfect time for dressing all up. And did I mention shoes? There is so much more to pick from in the winter than in summer.

I have fallen in love with winter, everything that comes with it I really enjoy! Do you enjoy winter, or do you have another favorite season?


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