I'm alive!

Well, after all the traveling shenanigans of yesterday I finally can say that I have made it to Finland. Why is it that traveling can be so exhausting sometimes? For sure, moving away for half a year takes a bigger toll than when you know you will be going on a short trip. Currently I am so tired, I think the culture shock has already started. But for starters, I had to walk all over the city yesterday without knowing confidently where to go. It was dark and so very cold, all my limbs felt frozen. My fingers were painful, and without any feelings, and every block I had to stop to warm up my hands because I could not drag my suitcases. I am sure people thought I was a lost little girl.

Today was a crazy kind of day: went to the housing agency, got keys for some rooms to check out. Went to uni to register, was at the wrong building, walked to the right building, went to the rooms to check out, went back to housing agency, went to the hostel, powernap, went to get groceries, had to label everything I got for the shared fridge, and now I have some time to relax. And everything in pouring snow and 10F weather (-12C). But everything that happens is a new experience and memory. 
The city is quite industrial, not what you expect for a European city, and I have to get used to how it looks. Furthermore I personally find that the Finnish are a little stand-offish, shy and don't seem really open to new people, but perhaps I am wrong. Probably the opposite of how open and direct we can be. I am happy that there are a lot of international students. 

Currently I am not sure what to think or feel. When I went abroad for a year high school I experienced these confused feelings that I am dealing with right now, but not for a month or so afterwards. Perhaps it has to do with age, or experience in life generally. A little homesickness is good, it means that you care about the people you left behind and the place you call home. I am sure it will get better once I have gotten to know some people. 

So much warm love from this cold place 
<3 Jess

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