Cold, snow and reality

Survived another day of low temperatures, continuing snow and boredom. Yes bored, because there is so little that I can do. But on the bright side, I got a room. I am proud owner of my own little space in a flat in the city centre. I looked around on what they had available, but I really wanted to be in the city centre to stay entertained and close to everything. 

Today and yesterday were kind of rough days for me. I was sort of settling on the fact that this will be my reality until June. The cold and snow are not just for a day or week, but for three more months. I feel alone, because I missed the introduction week and am staying in a hostel. But today, after walking back from the grocery store I got a little upset with myself. Why are you looking at everything with so much negativity. Look where you are. Look around you. How beautiful is the fresh falling snow, pure nature. And how awesome is the fact that you are lucky enough to spend half a year somewhere else, in a new place where you get to see new things. And so what your social life has taken a notch back. So what you don't have friends immediately. Is that ever the case? Coming from a place where always I could find someone to hangout with, or to eat with, it might take some time getting used to this. I have to remind myself that this is a normal process, and it makes me appreciate the people I have at home even more. Life is so good, but it depends on the glasses you have on. Learn to have patience and at the bright side. Give yourself a chance and the world a chance. And things will become better. 

With thanksgiving I can look back and look forward to the time I will spend here. A little culture shock or homesickness is perfectly alright and acceptable. Things are temporarily. And who knows, perhaps in June I do not even want to leave because things here are so nice. Yesterday I took a little time to spent in the cold and take some photographs of the city centre. If I am really honest with y'all, I think the city looks maybe even better at night time. I just have to get used to the industrial look it has and coming from a historical city filled with architecture, old churches and city walls you are used to a different view. Doesn't mean it is bad, it is just different. And difference is always good, be open minded and look at the positive. Even the cold temperatures. Love <3

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