How lucky am I?

Although I am aware of the people around me at home, and how much I care for them, being away makes me appreciate them even more and realize how much I love them. It is often either too late or not noticeable what we feel for the people we are surrounded by. When they are physically not around, you might notice the gap that has been left empty. The presence normally filled with joy and laughter is now gone. And saying goodbye was not fun, it was difficult, the future is uncertain. Even though you do not want to think about bad things happening, deep down you know that goodbye can be forever, although you hope that it is not the case. When waving the last time I had a difficult time controlling myself. Well, I did not burst out in any tears, but they were welling up in my eyes. I guess if I didn't feel any emotion I would not have cried. 
At the end of it all, when leaving or staying, just take a moment out of your day to think about the people that you care about. Be thankful for their presence in your life, and how you like to contribute to these friendships. 


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