Holidays part 2

What is more beautiful than Paris? Paris during christmas time. Something about lights and decorations to make a city even prettier than it already is. Of course, this season also brought many people to the city of love, but it did not stop me to bring it a visit as well. We visited the most expensive shopping streets of Paris, without making a purchase ;). Furthermore we went to the arc de triumph, eiffel tower by night and visited some museums. I would highly recommend musee d'orsay, such beautiful, diverse exhibitions and art is present. Free if you are under 25 and otherwise still a very affordable price of just 11 euros.  You can spent an entire day here if you would like. It is situated in an old railway station, with a grand hall and beautiful decorations and statues. Here you can find the thinker of Rodin, paintings of van Gogh, monet, Sisley and so many other great artists. One hint, if you want to skip the 1hr line buy your ticket in advance! For more pictures --> 

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