First of all, I wish you all the very best for this year. Happiness, abundance, thanksgiving, comfort when sad, smiles and laughter, and great company to be around. Dreams to follow, hope for tomorrow and confidence for today. 
Did you have a good holiday season? Was it what you hoped for? Or not at all? Were you taken by sadness, grief or tears? lacking hope for the new year, not looking forward to it? Or could you not wait to finish 2015 and start all over. However you ended 2015, I hope that you can look forward to the days ahead of you. I hope that you can have faith and look up to a bright future. It is not always easy to have hope, but it is something to hold onto :).
I was lucky enough to spend the holidays in a magical place, called disneyland. Wow, what an overwhelming place filled with lights, laughter and joy. 

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  1. Super lovely blog post! Happy new year!