Midterms and easter

The past two weeks have flown by. This week I had my mid terms, and so I had locked myself away from society, social media and anything related to the outside world. Strangely, I actually had motivation to study. This came surprising to me since I had lacked motivation to study or do anything related to school or responsibilities during the first semester. I think it has to do with how well I've been doing. My attitude has changed from 'I want to lay in bed all day' to lets do this! The university library became my second home. I'm loving my new attitude and mental health. It has been two years since feeling like this, and everyday I am getting more surprised by my positive spirit and mental well being. My heart doesn't feel heavy anymore, like there are 100 lbs of rocks on it. I am enjoying life again…and it's so worth it! I've found my peace from quitting college and starting all over. I've come a long long way.

I guess when you have gone through a difficult phase in your life, you come out as a different person. I am so thankful and get to enjoy the little things. I'm different, and a good way of course!
And this weekend it is time to celebrate easter! I actually did not do anything for Lent this year. Or maybe I did, spending more time on my physical and mental health. Did you do anything for Lent, or took on a new habit for 40 days?

I can't believe we are already in the 4th month of 2015, it's going pretty fast. And in 3 months the second semester ends, and I will be a sophomore. I'm really looking forward to not being a freshman anymore. And being a year closer to receiving my bachelor. It is also that time again to decide what to do and where to go this summer. Do you already have plans to travel somewhere? i think, as usual, it will be the mountains again. My favorite vacation would be hiking of course :)

Enjoy your easter weekend, and hopefully the sun!

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