Check in: resolution

This is the third month of 2015, so a great time to check in with your personal new years resolutions. (Remember telling you that I'd reflect back on your resolutions)? The deal with making change is to make it permanent, and that sure ain't easy. Just an idea in your head will not make it easy to make real changes. Sometimes you need a written plan with steps for you to take in order to reach your goal. 

My resolution was to make a little list each day to be thankful for. And I'm proud to say I'm still doing it. Not everyday, but probably 3 times a week. Usually when I cannot sleep, in the shower or when I brush my teeth and getting ready for bed. And no matter how awful my day was, there was always something to be thankful for. Always! And I realized that when something bad happened during the day, I labeled my day as 'bad' or 'unproductive'. Yet I come to realize that it is not the case. I guess we are so used to the life we live and things we take for granted, that at times we are unaware of our blessings. 

A second resolution was to lose weight. I know right, how predictable? Has there ever been a year that it was not on my list of resolutions? Anyways, on the first of January I didn't feel the need to lose weight. And neither did I on the 2nd or 3rd. But when the second week of January rolled around, my mom said she wanted to lose weight that she gained due to menopause. And my sister had the same resolution. She bought a new scale, apparently our old one did not work right. And it didn't because I was 5 pounds heavier on the new scale, bummer. So this was a little wake up call, and I decided to join in. We started to eat healthy and watch what we ate. And by surprise, I actually started to eat healthier and loose some pounds. Over the years my weight has fluctuated greatly, and it has become quite a sensitive issue. (As in I refused to tell my mom or sister how much my weight was). Since the summer I lost 9 pounds, and since January 6. So far a total of 15 pounds, which I am really happy about.I am feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin. To reach my goal I have 5 more pounds to go, but to see how far I've come, I am confident I can reach this. This would actually be my old high school weight. My clothes are starting to become too big, especially my jeans. This would be fun if you had money, but being a student on a budget, it can be quite a struggle. I am so happy I kept all of my clothes from 4 years ago. When cleaning up my closet I always hoped that  one day I would have my old weight again so I didn't throw them out, great motivation. 
And most importantly, it is not about the number on the scale, but about you as a person. At my highest weight I didn't recognize myself, and I was feeling ashamed. But I am starting to feel more comfortable and confident. There isn't really any feeling that I prefer over how I feel right now. 

If you had any, how are your resolutions going? Was it fun for a month but did you go back to your old ways of doing? Permanent change is never easy, and can be done any day during the year, not just on January 1st. 

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I love your idea of the gratitude list.
    It helps moving the minor daily setbacks back into perspective. I focus on those setbacks too much... maybe I should try a gratitude list myself (I love lists... ;) )

  2. Wow, congratulations on your journey to fitness. I'm on the same boat, trying to eat clean & exercise more (ie: at all). Keep it up.

    :] // ▲ ▲