New habit: the little things that make you happy

I know some people have this habit to write daily or weekly what they are thankful for, or what made them smile. So I want to do this as well this year, to appreciate the little things life offers, that you are sometimes unaware of. Because this is only the second day it is not so hard to stick to this new habit. Perhaps I will continue by doing it weekly, but for now I like to remind myself everyday what I can be thankful for. You don't have to write it down, if you cannot sleep at night, make it a habit to run through the day again. From waking up to going to bed, what were little (or big) things that made you happy or smile? It is about being aware of what happened during the day. We often remember the things that we did that made us frown, sad or angry. But instead of focusing on these things, why not focus on the good things? Think of yesterday, January 1st, what happened that made you happy? What was a positive thing that you saw, witnessed or experienced? Inside I show you my list of happy things. 

January 1st
- cappuccino
- tea
- new year, therefore new beginnings
- got to watch a new episode of my favorite TV-show.
- family member winning money in the lottery

January 2nd 
- Woke up feeling quite content and happy, unlike the past months. My heart was not feeling heavy and I have some more patience. 
- cappuccino and tea (will always make me happy)
- Played board games with my family
- Almost full moon, when the sun was setting it looked so pretty against the blue sky
- Instead of the normal clouds, the sky was clear and so blue today. Sunny days just lift your mood. 

Whatever you think of, or write down is personal. People experience life differently, and other things might make you happy. I can really enjoy a good cappuccino, perhaps you don't. That's fine, we are all unique. I encourage and dare you to take this journey and explore this new habit. This way we can make 2015 a little more positive and become more thankful. 

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