Happy New Year

And so it is 2015! Did this year went by fast, or extremely slow for you? Did good things happen? Did sad things happen? Did you gain new friends, or lost loved ones? 365 days to reflect back on. Perhaps you couldn't wait for the new year to start. Maybe all you wanted to do is leave 2014 behind, and start all over. Or was 2014 your year? Did many good things happen to you? However you feel about the new year, we are starting a new book. A new chapter. A blank page. The canvas is still clean. Hopefully, at the end of the year it is full of color, smiles, laughter and joy. Leave the past behind. Leave it, literally in 2014. It is time for a new beginning. It is a new chance. A new day. A new year. Maybe you have big things happening this year. Perhaps many things to look forward to. Or are you getting anxious because of what will happen in 2015. Try to stay at peace. Try to take everyday as a new beginning. Everyday is a new page of your book. Try to live each day on its own, and focus on the present. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Live right now. Drink some coffee, read a book. Life can be good. Life can be though. Don't feel overwhelmed about society, friends, peer pressure or financial struggles. You are wonderful, beautiful, strong and I'm proud of how far you have come. Have hope and focus on the bigger picture. 
Love and hugs,

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