Accepting who you are

Throughout the years I have punished myself for being me. I've only thought negatively about myself and and in my head it has become a fact that I suck. For six years I have hated myself, was not able to accept who I am. Now I'm finally recovered from depression, losing my anxiety and was able to recover from my post traumatic stress disorder. The thing is, if you talk to yourself negatively for 6 years, you don't know how to compliment yourself. You are just used to talking bad inside your head. And that's what I came to realize. Looking in the mirror, no matter how good I might look (or bad) the voice in my head says the same. And not because I mean it, but because I am used to saying bad things to myself. It formed such a habit, that I didn't even realize it. So I guess my new learning goal is to love myself. I already accept myself from whom I am, and now I have to let go of the negative opinions I once had. 

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