Anxiety & Fall

Oh men, I have been so busy at university that I almost forgot that there are people interested in what I do in my daily life :). So this week I have my first exam, and boy am I nervous. My anxiety is pretty bad, although I haven't had any panic attacks. Yesterday morning I spent three hours crying over how bad I felt and what I was going to do with my life. I'm thinking of going to a doctor to get a diagnosis for either depression or anxiety, (although I had the feeling my depression was almost over, after one year). I'm still not feeling where I should be. I found some breathing exercises that really helped me to calm down.

Breathe in 4 seconds
Hold breath for 7 seconds
Release for 8 seconds

Whenever I feel anxious I do this 3 times, and I immediately feel better and calm myself down. So for whoever is feeling anxious, try it. 
And I need your help please! I have my first exam but I'm too anxious to focus on studying. If you have any tips please share with me and your internet friends!

Fall is officially here :). How beautiful are the colors where you're living? People down under are  probably enjoying their spring time right now. I think Fall is my favorite season, (tying with spring). Everything is dying, yet it looks so beautiful. I kind of like the whole wind, rain, falling leaves situation. And not to forget wearing scarves, drinking hot chocolate, carving pumpkins…enough reasons to love fall. Or am I the only one? 

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