So sleepy

It's been some days that I was able to write. Some personal things happened in my family (again you might think) which took all of my time and dedication. And besides that I have been beyond tired. Yesterday we were celebrating easter at my uncle's and I was ready to lay on the floor and sleep. I went to the car and closed my eyes. I can't remember anything from the ride back home. It's been like this for a month now. starting with throat pain, lasting for three weeks, and now I am just tired. I was thinking about checking at the doctors for mono, but I also know that it will pass if it is. And besides, I can save some money for not getting my blood checked out

 Next week I will be leaving to central America, and I am kind of nervous. It is going to be an intense week (physically) and not sure how I will handle everything. I think I will just have to pass some things in order to enjoy the time I will be there. Besides being tired, my mood has also been pretty bad. Cranky, grumpy and sleepy have been my nicknames the past weeks. I just want to go back to being my old self. Well, enough with the self pity. I sincerely hope your week has been better than mine. <3

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