Long time no talk

Just a short update and rambling post about the past weeks. I have been down with laryngitis, had a really high fever and never had so much muscle pain. (But not so bad for my weight.. JK) I just remember shaking and trembling so bad that I couldn't open the water tap. Now I am finally getting my voice back, but my ribs hurt pretty bad from all the coughing. It would't be the first time I injured a rib because of a cold.

Furthermore we got some pretty bad news. About a month ago we found out that my aunt has cancer of the liver. She got sick so they did some scans, which showed a spot on the liver. Last week we found out it was a very rare tumor that cannot be cured. I will be visiting her today, which I am quite nervous about. We have a small family, with only one uncle and aunt, so she will be greatly missed. Things like this makes me so mad and insecure about life. I have taken it for granted so many times, but it can be over before you know it. I also found out that 'my' cousin from the host family I stayed died. This is all so unreal and overwhelming. Life is too short, it's time to start living.

It was quite shocking to see my aunt in the condition she is in. It is like she is already not there anymore, just a hopeless body that is being destroyed. Furthermore my grandma just got diagnosed with dementia, so that adds extra stress to our family. Life and our health is something that we should take care of, it can change any moment. 

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