Post detox

This post is later than planned, but due to personal circumstances I was not able to update. 
So last week I did a 5 day detox, just to try it out. I did not make use of any professional guidance, but did my research on the internet and the library and found the right recipes and tips. 

Overall it was harder than I thought it would be. The most difficult day was definitely day 2, and maybe day 3. During day 2 I thought about quitting like a 1000 times. My body was craving carbs and peanutbutter. I was wondering why I was doing this and found about 100 excuses why I should just stop and have a big feast. I cannot even put into words how bad I wanted to stop and why on earth I thought this was a good idea. I decided to just go to bed, as this would take my mind of the thing that was on my mind: Fooood!

However, I did not stop, and as this day went by it became easier. I noticed that during the week I became less present, as my head was kind of empty. I didn't really interact and felt sleepy.  However, I could feel that my body was 'enjoying' it. And one positive outcome was my face. It started glowing and when I told my mom that I did a detox the past week she said she could tell by my face. It was more shining and looked healthy. 

After the detox I noticed that I my stomach was full much quicker, however after a week I have my before appetite again.  ( It was a nice feeling, I think I will try to eat smaller meals. I have the tendency to eat three big meals because I like that feeling. However, this can result in an addiction, and you can make those three big meals into 6 each day. Therefore eating smaller portions will be much better for me personally.)

I would recommend something like this after your work or school is over. Take a week off, have no meetings or gym appointments and treat yourself on raw spinach, lettuce and apples. I will do this again when I feel I had a busy period or had too much junk to eat. For next time I will plan something to do on day 2. Because I was by myself I had the temptation to go to the store and buy food. Being around people that are aware of your detox, they will be able to motivate you and stop you from taking decision you will regret later on.  

(And for the people wanting to loose weight by a detox, I lost like two pounds, but they are back again )

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