Detox - day 1

Today was the first day of my detox, and I was a bit worried what to expect. It was both better and worse than expected. I got 2 questions, one concerning making juices and another about prices.  At the moment I don't have a blender/mixer, so therefore I bought juices that consists of only fruits. And this goes together with the second question, whether or not it is expensive. It can cost as much as you allow yourself. 
For this weeks groceries I got lettuce, spinach, advocados, lemon juice (2x), lime juice, 3 limes, oranges, cilantro, celery, cervil, 5x pure fruit juice, watermelon, apples and a different kind of lettuce for 23 dollars. I think this is alright as that is just a little more on what I spend on groceries (usually 17). But again, it is up to what you think you want or need. Most expensive for me were the fruit juices. As I cannot blend anything I need to buy them..however it is always more expensive in the store, especially if you want the clean juice, without any sugar. The store needs more fruit for that, so it is going to cost some more.

This morning I had a mash up of two fruit juice drinks. They were natural, so nothing added but the pure fruit, like a smoothie. I had a mix of red fruit and orange juice. The first one contained strawberries, blackberries and cherries. Together with the orange juice it was actually quite tasty... this accounted for around 13 ounces. 


For lunch I had a salad consisting of :
- ice berg lettuce
- raw spinach leaves
- three slices of lime
- half of an avocado
- cilantro
- celery
- chervil
- +/- 12 cherry tomatoes
- squeezed lemon juice as dressing

I am not a fan of the cilantro, celery and chervil (C^3), but have read several times that they are good to use when detoxing. Too bad that I cannot mix anything, otherwise I didn't have to taste them. (This took me like 30 minutes to eat...not sure why)

About 1.5 hrs after I had lunch my stomach was asking for food. Therefore I ate half an orange and some slices of watermelon. (Watermelon was not that yummy yet, we need more sun). A little after this I had a glass of juice consisting of apple, pear and raspberry, which was very yummy but not that filling. 

I had the same salad as I had for lunch, expect not the 3 C's...I am trying to open up to their taste but it might take some time before we are friends. I also had a glass of warm water and lemon. 

About 30 minutes after lunch my stomach started to irritate. After that it settled, but it didn't take long before it was hungry again. What I don't like is that you cannot really control  your blood sugar levels. Fruit is high in (natural) sugar, which gives you a high. But a little while after, you land back down and it really hits you. You start feeling sleep, lazy and don't feel like doing anything. So I have to find a good balance between what I can eat and avoid getting such a high. Apart from feeling drowsy I am actually alright...Although I can tell my body is already craving a peanutbutter sandwich. Oh man...this is going to be a loooong week.

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