Beauty essentials (budgetproof)

Like a lot of other girls (and boys) I like to add some confidence by using some colours and tools. So today, while going through my stash I asked myself the question; What if I could only use one more product, or can only take one on my vacation....which one would I choose? To be honest, no clue. But, having that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my makeup musthaves, or my favorites. I have it in order of what I would wear in full make up, which might seem a lot to some people. I don't include everything (e.g primer, eye base etc)

1. Tinted moisturizer

Probably one of my very favorite products, I love the ones from Nivea (and its affordable) and just gives you a healthy skin tone and glow. You seem refreshed and awake. If I feel lazy I only put some tinted day creme on and it kind of works like a foundation. A tinted moisturizer can range from 4 dollars to 100, but one from nivea would be around 6-9 dollars. 

2 CC Cream

I guess this is a new thing, after the BB cream we have a CC cream, from L'oreal.( I have to be honest, I have tried several BB creams and did not like them.) 
You have several CC creams, but the one I use is anti-redness, and I absolutely love this one. WARNING: do not use when you have a a very fair/pale skin, or did not get any sun just yet. It covers redness, (it actually does it job) but if you are pale you might look a bit orangy. But other than that I love this one. 

3. Dermablend Foundation

I LOVE this one. It is the only foundation I use. My skin is quite red, no matter what, and this foundation has extra pigment, so the red doesn't appear. I have tried 10+ foundations but none work to hide my redness. You can get it in some drugstores or in a warehouse, but I usually just order it online for around 15-20 dollars; since its thick you only need a little and it will last for a long time. It comes in five different shades, and I use the lightest one, nr 15 in the winter and one darker, nr 25, in the summer. 
(After having found out about the CC cream I barely wear foundation, or a really really thin layer, as I barely need it anymore)

4. Mascara
I think mascara can add so much to a face, and really open up and highlight your eyes. When I don't go anywhere but don't like feeling 'naked' I put on some day creme and mascara, and feel so much better. At the moment I am using one of L'oreal, and loving it, the volume collagen mascara. It adds both length and volume, and your eyes kind of pop. It's around 15-20 dollars, but I always buy when its on sale; 2 for 1

5. Eyeliner

I don't use eyeliner everyday, but I have three laying around that I all use. One from essence ( a european brand) and it's a fineliner; so very thin which will give you a nice straight line. This one is around 3 euros, but I don't think it is sold in the US. The other one is a gel liner from Maybelline, but I don't  like these. It smudges and just doesn't apply very well. 

6. Eye shadow

My favorite palette is the naked one from Urban decay. As this one is a little less affordable I have looked for a 'fake' naked palette. I found one from Catrice, a European brand which has 6 colours (highligher, 3 eyelid colors and 2 for the crease). It was around 4 euros, and for the price I think it is great.

7. blush 

I love this blush, its called true rose from L'oreal. It is a very soft, sweet pink and not very present yet gives a nice healthy look. I prefer to use a blush in the summer, as my skin is not that fair and has gotten a tan. Again, I buy all product when they are on sale only! Which means 2 for the price of one or 50 percent off (same thing) I think this one was around 8 dollars (full price). 

8. Bronzer
I have only used one bronzer for the past three years, and I am a big fan. It is the shimmer waves from the body shop. In the winter you want to watch how much you apply, but it has a nice shimmer, light glitters and gives you a health glow. You can purchase it for 22 dollars, and mine lasts around 15 months, so it is a good investment.

9. Lips
To be honest, I am not a lipgloss kind of person. First of all you put it on your lips, and after a while it is gone...wonder where it went. Right, in your mouth. The only thing I use is chapstick with colour when in need. But otherwise I go all natural. My lips have quite some pigment in them, so I don't feel like they are naked. 

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