How to get ready for summer

Only one month until the official start of summer! We're all finishing up school or work and getting ready to take time to relax, read, swim and tan. I will be in school for another month, which means 40 days to get ready for Summer!

As most summers, I spent -like many other people- a lot of time camping, hiking, swimming and hanging out at the beach. I noticed that one of my most important ''tasks'' is to be in shape. With being in shape I don't mean size 0 shorts and an eeniemeenie waist. I mean to look decent, be in shape and feeling comfortable. Like many other people I tend to start hitting the gym in February, realizing winter is almost over. I usually keep up for two months and then it gets boring. I have now started pilates, focusing on toning my body rather than trying to loose weight.

My TIP: Have a realistic goal in mind. Don't go after a victoria secret model look, but a realistic and healthy picture of yourself. It is so important to stay healthy and comfortable rather than too skinny and feeling like crap. 
I hit the gym for two months and had a very healthy diet, but I only gained weight. Yes my body was tighter, but my pants didn't fit anymore. I was very unhappy so I quit the gym and started doing pilates. My pants fit and my waist has slimmed down. (Besides, it is very relaxing and takes your mind away from all the stress in your life)

A lot of people probably don't want to walk around the swimming pool/beach looking very pale. So before you go public, you might want to get some colour. In the past two weeks I laid in my own backyard, (privately) and tanned like crazy. Don't forget to put on sunscreen, you will still get a tan when using it. If that takes too much time you can use lotion, spray tan or make use of a tanning bed. It is up to you of course but don't forget to check the effects. Organic options are available. 

You might want to get a new fresh look when summer starts. I have long, thick hair and it gets HOT! Even though I refuse to cut it, it would be a tip for some people. And this is also the time to try something new with your hair that you didn't dare before. You won't see your fellow students for three months, so be crazy and do it! You have enough time to fix it before school starts. 

The year is over, you made it so you deserve to treat yourself. Get a new summer wardrobe so you can go out feeling comfortable and happy about your look. I usually start saving money around January so I can buy summer clothes. With a new wardrobe I also mean beauty supplies, so think of cute nail polish colours, fresh body sprays and bows for your hair. 

Treat yourself with a nice get-away to a tropical island, the mountains or a city trip. Get away from your daily life and create time to relax and gain energy for the new year. Start looking around November for nice places before everything is booked. Of course you can still go places. If you want to visit a city you will be sure to still get a hotel. Flight tickets might be more difficult. If you find something nice but it is full, book it for next year, so you are guaranteed a spot.

During the summer a lot of fun (music)festivals are going on. Get your planner out and mark data where fun and exciting stuff is happening. Think of the 4th of July, fireworks and BBQ's. It is also a great time to meet up with -old- friends that you didn't see for a while, and go together. 

And lastly, summer (or just before) is a great time to clean. When school finishes get all your paperwork and notebooks out. What do I want to save and what can be thrown away. Take care of past years finances and make an overview for the next couple of months. Clean up your dorm or room, your car and your mind! Start your summer fresh and cleaning up will guarantee that your break will start feeling relaxed and less worries. 

 Of course there is no handbook on how to get ready for summer, but this is kind of how I get ready for my summer break
Much love <3

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  1. I think I have the same issue when it comes to my hair...every summer i want to cut it but end up not doing it. Any tips on how to wear long and heavy hair during the summer without feeling you are being choked or something?

  2. I know what you mean. Havong tge same problem, but i usually wear it in a low side braid. Loose is too hot and up too heavy

  3. What Lisa said, in the summer I wear it in a semi low ponytail or a low side braid..pretty much the only comfortable options for me..I tried to make it look more exciting by putting a nice headband or braids in my hair, so it doesn't look too boring