wan·der·lust (w n d r-l st ). n. A very strong or irresistible

 impulse to travel

I think the above pretty much sums up my personality. I feel like I was born to travel and 

explore new grounds. I always have that feeling of going places, whether it is in my own 

country or abroad. It was not until I saw this definition on tumblr that it made sense, I'm 

not the only person feeling like this. 

But being a student and having a crazy tight schedule and a limited budget, traveling is 

one of the last things on my list I get to enjoy. - Maybe more than the average person, but 

it can never be enough ;) -

I haven't heard a lot of people talking about it, but I have a bucketlist, things I want to do 

before I die. Actually, it's more like places I want to visit before I die. Take a look below

 on my list.

1. See the Northern lights

2. Visit Easter Island

3. Climb to Machu Picchu

4. Ride on a camel alongside the piramides of Egypt

5. Whale watching in Cape Town

6. Count kangeroos in Australia

7. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

8. Jump of the Niagara Falls (not really ;) 


I would say nice plan for the next couple of years, right? These are some famous places I 

want to go to, that I need to see before I die. But I also have to take a step back and

 realize all the wonderful places I have been already, in my 20 years of existence

1. Walked along the Seine, Paris

2. Shopping on Oxford Street, London

3. Made some crazy pictures 'in' the bean, Chicago

4. Walked over the Rialto bridge, Venice

5. Met miss liberty, New York

6. Climbed the Alps several times, France & Austria & Italy

7. Walked over the famous Charles Bridge, Prague

8. Spotted wolves in the Rockies, Colorado

9. Experience great music, Austin TX

10. Got some great sunburns, Croatia

11. Feeling like a little girl all over in Disneyland, PA

12. Saw a city with no boundaries, Amsterdam

The reason why I am listing this is not to show of in any way. It is to show my gratitude and make myself aware of the life I was given and the many opportunities I got throughout, I am beyond blessed. All of these experiences made me the person I am  today and shaped me in more ways than I'd ever could imagine. You meet new people,  new cultures and become more open minded. You are amazed with the beauty you see  around you, in people and in life. Visiting places, whether it is a town 60 minutes up north or 600 miles west, it is an experience that life cannot take away. Sometimes I feel  like I learned more about the world by traveling than 10 years of history classes. 

(The world is a book and those do do not travel read only one page)

And this might sound crazy to some people, but I love traveling by myself. Get away from

everything and find time to relax. I sometimes travel 2 hours to get to the beach, by

 myself. Just sit in the sand and let the wind blow in my face. Lay down and listen to the

 waves. Look in the sky and watch the clouds move. It is also a great place to pray, or

 read your bible, or other favorite book. Traveling sometimes means getting close to God.

 Yearly I go to the mountains, and I feel that is the one of the best places to talk to Him. 

You feel so close and are amazed at the beautful nature created. You can also combine

 traveling with spreading the word. I did not have that opportunity yet, or had to courage

 to do it, but hopefully one day I will. 


And at a last note, traveling is the place to find yourself. Find your strengths, your

 capabilities. Believe it or not, I have discovered so much about myself during all these 

trips. If you have identity problems, a depression or are worn out, go somewhere, for 

real. You will have no regrets! Traveling is so much more than 'just traveling'. Explore, 

dream & discover. 

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