Ice Swimming

Have you ever been swimming in a cold sea, or an outside pool during the winter? Well, than you probably know how uncomfortable it is to swim in cold water. I thought that I knew what cold water is, until I swam in a frozen lake. All I can say is WOW, and that was so cold and uncomfortable. I am usually the crazy person to get into very cold water or the ocean. However, none compares to ice swimming, which is just something new to add to my list of new experiences. 
It is a combination of going into a sauna at around 120 degrees celsius, and then jumping in the cold water. I had some friends who went to their middle and walked right back up at the stairs, but I swam to the other side, touched the ice, before swimming. When I got out my hair that got wet would freeze and become stiff. 

We did this combination of sauna and cooling down with a dip in water around 0 degrees - a fountain prevented the water from freezing - for 3 hours, and afterwards I felt amazing. The next days I could see my body had changed and lost water weight. Apparently, when people want to lose weight quickly they do sauna for a couple of times and lose weight while doing this. So, if you have a party to attend and you want to fit that tight dress, try the sauna (and ice swimming to burn some more, and get that real kick). Really, you don't have to do anything, expect sit in a little room and go out every once in a while. How easy can it be?

For more pictures on experiencing my first time of ice swimming you can check out my instagram

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