Forest adventures in Finland

If you are anything like me, nature is the best place to be. There is not a place that I can get more energy and peace besides being out in nature. The beach, mountains, or in this case a forest covered with snow, makes me so happy and energized. This morning when I woke up I was not feeling that well, just weak, tired and not in the mood to take on the day. After staying in bed too long and thinking this day was already wasted I got myself together, packed my camera and went out. I walked to my favorite forest, which I was happy to see was all covered with snow again. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite places snowed in and the frozen look that winter gives them.

I took another path I that usually take and was surprised where it took me. Thinking that I had seen it all made me realize that there was more to it. I might have found a new favorite place in Finland. There was barely anyone there, just  some other people with their cute dogs, which made me miss my dog so much! How I would love to wander around with her, not knowing if she would enjoy the snow as much as I would (she has a big dislike for water).
Some days when you are having a difficult day it can take a little effort to get out of your room or house. I didn't feel like going out today. But in the end, I was happy I did and didn't let my mind rule where my day would go. What is your favorite place to recharge yourself? 

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