I guess somewhere along the way we picked up that happiness, or being happy, is what we should aim for. If you are not happy you should do something different. But how realistic, or close to real life is being happy all the time. Is it possible to be happy at all times throughout a year. I would say no, and might think that it is almost not healthy to be always happy. Or at least, perhaps are mood swings, every once in a while good. They make us feel alive, and enable us to get in touch with our emotions. 

Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Feeling a little down is totally acceptable, right? The past week that is what I've been feeling. Why am I not happy? I am studying abroad in Finland, get to travel and experience so many new things. I almost feel guilty of my own feelings. Until I realized we cannot and don't always have to be happy and feeling content. sometimes we just don't, and that is alright. 

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