Trip to Poland

I got to spent a week in beautiful and cold Poland, which was overall very interesting and surprisingly nice. I guess I didn't know what to expect from it because I had not visited eastern Europe before. However, it was such a positive experience, and I will surely visit again. We stayed at a hotel in Krakow, the second biggest city of Poland. It was very cold, but sunny and a clear blue sky. We spent some time touring the city and its surroundings. Apparently, Krakow has the biggest market square of Europe. And luckily enough we came at the right time of the year, having christmas decorations all over the city. At the market square they had set up a christmas market and big tree. 

Besides sight seeing of the city we also had some educational purposes. Whom has seen the oscar winning movie schindlers list probably knows the story. The factory of this story is located in krakow, and is now turned into museum, so of course this was a must see (and less than 4 dollars). We also visited auschwitz, which is about 80 kilometers from the city of Krakow. We visited both Auschwitz I, which shows exhibitions and has turned more into a museum, and Auschwitz II Birkenau, which is still in the state in which it was left by the nazis after the second world war. Overall I would highly recommended this beautiful place for a visit. It is tourist friendly, not too busy (like Paris or London) and its very cheap affordable.

Starbucks idea of what a christmas should look like


Krakow at night

Christmas tree in the mall, which I spent a lot of my time (and money)

Church in the old town. There are so many, at least one in every street I believe. Poland is still very religious.

Other side of the market square at  night.

In a side street is the Krakowska manufaktura Czekolady, a chocolate factory. Downstairs you can watch them sculpt beautiful things out of chocolate, then in the back there is a story where they sell all kind of yummy things. And upstairs is a cafe, with the best hot chocolate and cappuccino with latte art. 

Tour of the old town castle.

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