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Oh men, how long has it been since I have written any personal posts? Way too long, I know :(. Life has continued as always, busy with school, currently in the process of perhaps doing an exchange semester abroad and enjoying the little things. This summer I went, as every summer, to the mountains, for hiking and ultimate silence and peace. What is not to love about the mountains? I love the adrenaline, the view, the physical and mental challenges and of course the exhaustion afterwards.

Morning hike

Amazing weather, sights, waterfalls and animals we came across

Such 'clean' melting water coming from above.

Gloomy weather while doing our last hike. We had to return sooner than we wanted because behind us (so not the view you are seeing) thunderstorms where rolling in, and who wants to be stuck on a mountain during storms.

This was the first hike, bright blue sky, green grass and white snow during the hike. And beautiful mountain sheep.

On top of the glacier; so cold but so worth it

The platform on the glacier, from there we could hike further. From the place we were resting we could see a group of approximately eight persons, and in front a dog, that were walking over the glacier. One day I hope to that :)

Good morning sun :)

We slept in this hut, after a technically and physically tough hike of 5 hours.  We went over 4 peaks and everytime we thought we were almost there. Well, guess again ;). Got to see a sand tornado during the hike in front of me, beautiful lakes and one peak was so steep that I had to hold on to grass to not fall down. 

What is your favorite place to spent your (leisure) time, or to go on little adventures?

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  1. Beautiful photos :) I can see why it's your favourite place!!