Songs I've been listening to

I don't think I have shared a lot on music in previous posts, but change is on its way ;) 
Last night I couldn't sleep, as usual, and browsed the net for some musical inspiration. I came across some songs that I'd think would be neat to share them with you guys. Enjoy!

Mountain sound

I love this song, it makes me happy and feel energetic. 

I heard them calling in the distance
So I packed my things and ran
far away from all the trouble
I had caused with my two hands

Your song

So this song I found when I was searching for Janet Devlin's audition on the X factor. It was a link and fell in love with it! Then I continued on my search of Janet Devlin, and found a song called 'Wonderful'. Definitely worth sharing:


Have a good sunday and first day of the week! 

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