Guess who has her final exam tomorrow….and guess who hasn't done much for it..pick me! Honestly, my behavior towards school needs to be improved for the next 6 hours, but I cannot concentrate…damn internet. Yesterday I literally set behind my desk on my laptop for 9 hours, and spent maybe 30 minutes studying. Everytime I wanted to start it was like; lets check tumblr, watch something on youtube, clean my room, buy more food, eat more food, get fat, stare out of the window, etc. And last night I had the greatest idea: lets put my alarm clock real early and go to the library. Well guess what, I didn't go. I suck, and this exam is going to kill me tomorrow -_- Please send me your concentration and motivation to study, I need to pass. In order to procrastinate a little more I will entertain you with some funny pictures so I will feel better about myself. 

Good luck to anyone having deadlines or exams!  I wish you lots of motivation, but if you don't mind send some my way. <3

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