Visiting the USA or taking trips in the country is often cheaper compared to visiting Europe. And the country offers amazing sceneries and food, you just have to open your eyes to the beauty of it. Even if it is considered one country, the US can be seen as 50 little ones. Each state has their own habits and cultures. Therefore, there are always more places that you need to go see. Here are some of my favorite places I've been, and cities to still visit. 

New York, NY
The city that never sleeps is a place that you cannot forget. I remember walking on Times Square and just taking everything in. So many people, lights and sounds seem to come from everywhere. You can book pretty cheap broadway tickets if you wait until the last moment. A boat ride visiting Ellis Island and the statue of liberty is also a must. Don't make too many expectations or plans, just take it all in. Whether it is sitting on a bench in central park or walking over the Brooklyn bridge, take your time (and earplugs..JK). 

Charleston, SC
Charleston in South Carolina has been named the best city of the US three times. It is romantic (hello Nicholas Sparks novels) and has that 'old' southern look. The people are very friendly and you can visit places where famous movies and tv shows were shot, or still are. The beaches are clean and you can visit plantations and museums. The city of Charleston also offers a variety of packages. You can go for a romantic trip, adventure, a road trip or girlfriend getaways. 

San Antonio river-walk
The San Antonio river-walk is one of the most visited places in the state of Texas. And no wonder with the great weather and atmosphere. Go for a walk alongside the river and enjoy the diversity of food offered. Winning one of the travelers choice award of 2013 means that this city is definitely worth your time. As the summer time is hot and humid, it is advisable to skip the months of June-September, as well as the summer crowd. If you visit in April you will experience Fiesta, a multicultural celebration. (And if you are in town anyway, don't forget to see the Alamo). 

Lake Austin, TX
I have some of the best memories at lake Austin & the Colorado river, and I know that whoever has been here doesn't have any regrets. If you are in the area around Austin, or wanting to combine this with a visit to other cities, this is a place not to be missed out on. I would highly suggest to dine at the Oasis, preferably when the sun is setting. The view is amazing, and I really enjoyed the tex-mex cuisine. 

Sedona, AZ
Sedona is famous for its red sandstone. It is just gorgeous, especially because you don't find it in many places worldwide. I would recommend to visit outside of the summer months, or set your alarm clock very early. Watching the sunrise (or sunset) is absolutely breathtaking. The city hosts several (music) festivals during the year, so maybe you can combine it in one visit. Sedona offers many retreats, campgrounds and other places to stay for (when searched) quite reasonable prices. 

San Francisco, CA
City #1 on my to-visit list. I have heard so many great things about the Bay area, I cannot wait to visit. The seals, the Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, Lombard street and riding on a cable car are all on my bucket list. I want to do all of the tourist-y things. San Francisco is supposed to be very do able by public transportation. The only downside is it is one of the most expensive cities, but can still be visited on a budget. By making use of the SF city pass ($86) you can enjoy many parts that the city has to offer for one price, including a 7-day pass for the cable car and a cruise around the bay area. There is also the Go San Francisco Card, which seem to give you more variety in things you want to visit for a lower price. 

Chicago, IL
Is it a bad thing if I say that I enjoyed Chicago a little bit more than New York? The crowd is less overwhelming and it was more affordable. I had a Chicago citypass that gives you access to the must see places of the city (currently $94).  If you want to check out the aquarium and/or museums I would recommend getting this pass. It is not only saving money, but you will also see more of the city because of the opportunities given. What I enjoyed most were the sky deck and planetarium. At night the Buckingham fountain turns into amazing colors and you cannot forget to take a selfie in the bean and eating Chicago pizza. 

Estes park, CO
Nature at its finest. If you are wanting to visit the rocky mountains, Estes park is a great place to start. It has cute romantic lodges, hotels and campground to offer. Visiting the Rocky mountain national park will cost $20 for one car to enter. Before you visit you want to make sure you are aware of all the safety instructions and risks when entering the park. We saw some wolves while driving by and a big herd of elk. In the summer it is a great place to hike, or experience a guided tour. 

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