10 things you don't know about me

1. I have been a vegetarian for 8-9 years now. I have tried going vegan, but it was too difficult concerning my diet and lifestyle. Although I do believe that if you really want something you can make it happen. 

2. I don't like to date around. I know that people my age go from boyfriend to boyfriend, but that is not for me. I always listen to my gut feeling, and if I don't sense anything I will not waste any time on you. If I feel like this wouldn't work in the long run, or not marriage potential, then it's a pass for me. I wouldn't date someone just for fun. That sounds pretty serious, but I guess I'm not comfortable letting people into my life for just a short period of time, and then to leave again. 

3. I have a sixth sense of knowing when people lie and what their intentions are. Although I don't really believe in the whole sixth sense thing, I know when you lie to me. I knew when people lied to me in the past and was always able to figured out that I was right. ALthough I like this trait, it can also lead to hurtful situations. Although I would never confront someone if they lied. 

4. I don't think Texas is bigger and better, I'm sorry. During the time I lived in Texas I couldn't figure the people out at all. Although they are very friendly and have great hospitality, they stay distant. What I also noticed among all age groups was a sense of ''if you do this to me I do this to you''. I felt like there wasn't anything like unconditional support/friendship/love. But of course, I can only speak for the town I lived in. 

5. My favorite sport to watch is football and swimming. I enjoy (competitive) swimming myself and I guess that's why I'm into it. And I love the whole team spirit and atmosphere around football games. 

6. I love languages. I speak and write four languages, but would like to learn more. And with learning new languages comes traveling to the country to actually speak it. The fun part :). It also brings new perspectives to your life and gives you an open mind towards other people. 

7. I wish I was an extrovert. Or more outgoing. I feel drained after being in social situations. It also seems that people with extroverted personalities find jobs and friends easier. However, I don't know if their quality of life is better though.

8. I'm addicted to reality television. I know most of them have little reality in them, but I love them, not really sure why. Put on the kardashians, teen mom or sister wives and I'll be your best friend. I have spent so much time waisting on watching crappy tv shows, and in the end I don't know what attracts me so much. 

9. If I could I would eat mexican food every single day. I love it! Guacamole, corn, churros and tortilla..yummmm. This is making me hungry. 

10. What i really dislike is people with negative and small minds. No, it's not your way or the highway. Why can some people only discuss and not communicate, or just have a fun conversation. Why do you have to preach your opinion and make me believe what you think is right. No, just no. However, I love open minded people. Let's pick a topic and just talk, openly. How do you feel about this? Why is it so hard for people to not shove your point of view onto others.

Bonus: the #1 thing on my bucket list is to do a road trip throughout the US. Rent an RV and tour all the national parks and big cities. 

That's it…10 little random facts about me. 

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