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The first thing you want to figure out is what currently your body type is. Take a look at the picture below and determine who you look like. Each persons body is shaped differently. Do you have curves, a booty, a waist or no waist? Below they are divided into 7 groups and I will give some advice for the hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle and rectangle body shapes. 

People who have purchased a wedding dress might be familiar with the difference in body shapes and dresses. But remember, body shapes can change over time. Maybe once you were a hourglass, but after having children and growing older your curves have vanished. 

The hourglass body shape is preferred by many people, who doesn't like to show some curves?  If you fall in this category, lucky you! Showing off your waist is a great way to catch some eyes. Because your waist is small and well defined you want to highlight that area. Without a doubt people won't notice that you might feel insecure about your hips or shoulders. Dresses like the three below are a perfect fit for hourglass body shapes.  


People that fit into the apple category have fantastic legs, which should be shown to the world! Their problem area is their tummy, which can be hard to accept. No matter how hard you exercise, it might never go away. Therefore, stop the stress and start dressing your belly away. By wearing dresses that are loose around the front of your belly, tighter around your bust and waist, you can still show some curves yet your tummy will disappear. Don't forget to put on some heels that will show your legs. 

For pear shapes it is key to show of their waist and upper body, rather than their hips and thighs. Therefore clothes that are tight around the waist will focus attention on your upper body. It can also help to wear colorful or patterns on top and black or dark clothes on your lower body. These spring dresses will definitely highlight your best area. 

Inverted triangle
People who fall into this category tend to have broad shoulders and narrow hips. You might not have the curves you wish you have, but by putting on the right clothes, you can create some definition. You probably want to avoid putting attention on your shoulders, so avoid patterns or wearing scarfs. Dresses like these will help you to hide your broad shoulders and bust.

The rectangle body shape is pretty straight forward, not so much definition. However, you can easily get some curves by wearing a dress that is thight around your waist. If your dress isn't too tight you can add a little belt around your waist to bring more attention to it. Anything that puts the spotlight on your waist will work for you. 

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