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Because everyone has an off day every once in a while, I thought why not share my favorite places to go when I am feeling down.

1. Please stop being sad
This girl has it right with each of her drawings. Drawings..? Yes, go check out her tumblr, it makes my heart warm, she is so talented. At times I start crying just by looking and reading all the pictures, because they literally touch my heart. A cat saying you are precious might sound crazy, but honestly she hits all the right marks. Emm Roy has also released two books collecting her drawings. I'd suggest if you know someone who is sad or you need some encouragement yourself, purchase them right here. Otherwise, check out her blog, it won't disappoint you.

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2. The quiet place
Maybe not a website that will make you laugh really hard, but it will take your mind of the things that were keeping your mind busy. I will not say anything about it, except just go to the website and experience. Do what is said and you're stress will fly away -for at least 90 seconds- it's up to you for how long. They also have an app. Go to the quiet place

3. Gigglers
Not everyone might enjoy this website, but gigglers is a platform that contains videos of people laughing, joking and goofing around from all over the globe. These videos made me laugh, and you can also upload your own to make other people laugh. Visit gigglers TV  to turn your frown into a smile.

4. Gives me hope
I love this website and spent a lot of time on it. It contains stories of real people and every story ends with -name- gives me hope. The stories are extremely inspirational and makes me grateful for the life I have. It also shows that there is hope for humanity, good people are everywhere, you just have to see them. I would recommend this website. It also has a little sister called love gives me hope, visit here.

5. Smartphowned.
Does your phone autocorrect you? This website contains all the funny messages gone wrong. From very embarrassing to happy, they are so much fun. Warning, you might lose a lot of time once entering the website. I am not responsible ;). Smartphowned

6. The nicest place on the internet
The nicest place on the internet is literally the nicest place! Do you need a hug or some love. This platform contains short clips of people from around the world giving you some warmth and a smile on your face. It might seem a bit strange, but if you get into it, you will feel loved. Visit the nicest place.

And if you are still feeling down, these website will always do it.

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