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In two days it is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. This means 40 days of fasting (46 minus the Sundays). Of course you don't have to fast. Lent can also be used as a period to do something different, stop doing something or start something new. I know people that do six weeks without drinks that contain sugar, people that will post a card everyday to someone they know or that won't watch TV for those days. Whether you deciding to stop eating or start doing something, after Lent you will not regret one day. Especially in the time period we are you, I suggest stop using social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…anything that you check on a daily base. How about no internet for 40 days, or not using apps until Easter. Decide for yourself, and use the time you save for daily meditation, or the saved money for charity.

I will stop eating sugar, as in cookies, sweets, drinks.. Just water, tea and coffee, bread, fruit and my dinner. As well as not using my smartphone, which is a long story. I dropped it in the toilet, for the second time, but this time it did not survive. So therefore, no Facebook, Instagram or apps. Instead I use the time saved (which is a lot) on reading the bible, working out and focusing on improving myself. 

So decide the next two days what you want to do for this period. The time will pass no matter what, it is up to you what you will do to change yourself. 

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