What to remember from living abroad

Life in Finland was good. It was scary, new, very cold or warm, icy, different, quiet, lonely, busy and good. It was peaceful. It was all new to me, which made it scary at first, yet amazing once I got past that. It was a period to never forget, and to cherish forever. Right now I just got back a week ago, and writing this I am crying. I am sad. I am confused. My heart is broken right now. I want to go back. I want to go back to the people who made it feel like home. Who had a listening ear. Who, in times of need, where there for me. Who I could vent to. They went on adventures with me. We went fishing, build fires, went rowing, skiing, ice skating, and got to witness one of the most beautiful things in the world. we saw the northern lights. This was not my reality, and I wish it was. Was I not satisfied at first with my placement, I left with tears in my eyes. I left with a new understanding, and a new culture that had left a trail within me. Finland, you were amazing to me. You are beautiful beyond what I could have imagined. Frozen, snow covered lakes, forests beyond one could see and the most beautiful, peaceful scenery one could wish for. Forever in my heart you are, and I hope we meet again soon. 

If something seems scary at first, I am cheering for you to take that step. Because if something does not scare you, what challenge does it hold for you?

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