The past week it has gotten a little busy regarding studying, traveling, exploring and adventuring in Finland. Trying to make the most of my time has become a real challenge. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with everything that is thrown at you. I feel adjusted to another country and setting, but feel like it is a little much at times. Anyways, as I have seen on some other blogs they show random pictures of their week, and I thought that I can share my pics of instagram of the previous week(s), it might give a little overview of what I have been up to so far!

Wait, is that yellow thing the sun I haven't seen for over two weeks. Soaking up some vitamin D!

One of my favorite views of the city

Survived my first time skiing.

I love finding new places to walk and explore. Found this part of the forest I had never been to, with some great hiking trails, as well as cross country skiing tracks.

And found some new coffeeplaces #coffeeholic

We went ice skating. I feel like Finland wants to keep its citizens healthy. The university lets you borrow skates for free! And even better, the city has about 150 ice rinks, which are all free to use. They keep them neat, clean and free of snow!

The most surprising experience of my life and I loved it! Sauna and ice swimming.

A throwback to some sunshine and my favorite place of all: the mountains

Mood of the week

And of course the best night of my life was on the 16th of February. Seeing, after 15 years of anticipation, the northern lights dancing! This moment included tears, screaming, shaking and pure excitement.

Best place, with the best view


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