Falling in love || Winter 2016

Hi guys! I think I am starting to fall in love with so many new things! It is amazing how we, ourselves, keep developing and learning new things. By the way, look at that cute little house. It is actually a cafe, so I hope to go there sometime this week, but on one of my night walks I came across it and love the Scandinavian feeling it has.

I love photography! Since I got a new camera I've been taking a lot of pictures, and learn new things everyday. I watch videos and read blogs, trying to find new tips and tricks, from ISO to the best angles. I enjoy it so much, and find myself always searching for a good spot to take a picture, and creating this image in my head of how I want it. When going for walks I always take my camera, just in case. And besides that I am always walking around thinking, this would be a good picture, this image says a lot, or creates a certain feeling. I love it, and it is the first time that I really have a hobby, well besides traveling. Why do I choose such expensive hobbies?

Late night walks
At home I don't enjoy (night) walks at all, at least I wouldn't think so. But here it is almost a daily routine. Probably 5 out of 7 nights I will wander around at night, and not just for 15 minutes, more like 2 hours. And sometimes I realize I probably shouldn't do this. When it is 12 AM and I am walking through the dark forest alone (and the bears and wolves) I sometimes think to myself, why are you doing this? You know there are probably more safe places to go to, but I love it. It is dark, some snow and no one around, complete darkness and silence surround me. It is a great way to think and evaluate about your day; what did I do and accomplish, what did I like about my day, what do I want to do differently?

I am starting to fall in love with Finland. All the things that make it unique, I love learning about this culture. You know there are always positives and negatives in a situation, but you can change the negatives into 'different'. Not one place is the same, and that is what makes everything unique, which makes life amazing and daring. How boring would it be if everything is the same. So what I complain about the coffee? It makes you appreciate what you do have. Have I mentioned how well-mannered the Finns are, and also the men. I love it when men are raised to be a gentleman. Everything seems to be well organized, and people seem to live a happy and healthy life. It is a pretty good life here, peeps
This week I will experience some new things. On Thursday i will be going to a Finnish sauna for the first time. This means that you jump in the frozen lake and then sit in a 85 degree celsius room, wow. I guess you need to try everything once in your life. Furthermore, I will try skiing for the first time in my life! Oops! We will see if I make it out alive.

Have an amazing week!

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