Making it through the day

The days are getting shorter, it is cold outside and life seems less exciting at the moment. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, mental illness or bad days happen to everyone. But how do we get through them when all we want to do is crawl up like a little ball into bed and stay there for a day, week, month or until spring is here…

Take small steps:

Getting out of bed can be a difficult task for some people, while others have no problem with it. Have a small goal in your mind, like making coffee or tea and work towards that goal. So what do I need to do if I want to reach that goal? Well first, taking off the blankets, and removing my pajamas into day-wear. It is up to you what you want to wear…do you prefer sweats and t-shirts, or more fancy clothes. Personally, I prefer to wear jeans and a nice top. I feel when I somehow dress up I tend to feel a little better compared to wearing just sweat pants. I usually shower in the evenings, but if you usually do it in the morning you can do it before putting on your clothes of course. Next thing would be to either do your hair and make up, unless you are not really into it. I usually just brush it, add some dry shampoo and hairspray, add BB cream and mascara (to my face, not my hair) and I'm good to go. I prefer to take care a little just to get out of my sad mood. Or at least I can pretend I am. So now you are good to go, go to the kitchen and make some coffee. Goal one accomplished. And this is the way I get myself through the day, rewarding myself for even the littlest, and stupidest goals. 

Be creative!

I recently received an adult coloring book, and I'm loving it. It is the best way for me to focus on these colors instead of everything that is going through my head. Sometimes the colors can speak your feelings…sounds crazy? What does an black image say to you? Dark colors can say something about the mood you are in, as so do light and joyful colors. Perhaps you prefer to paint or make scrap books, you can try anything that takes your mind of whatever you are feeling. 


This is probably one of the last things you want to do right now, but just go outside for 5 minutes. That is all. Get some fresh air and walk a little. Or play basketball, whatever gets you moving for just a little bit will help you to feel better. And besides the exercise, you can also get some free vitamin D, which can cause SAD. This is also one of the reasons why people are feeling down and their immune system is weaker. I think in the winter time we need to be outside for 40 minutes (in summer 20) to get our daily dose of vitamin D. 

Be kind and loving to yourself

Please do not be harsh on yourself and the feelings you have. You cannot help the way you are and the things that come to your mind. Sometimes our minds are just messed up and we have very little influence on our way of thinking. But please be kind to yourself. Don't punish yourself for the way you are feeling and treat yourself. Had a sucky day? Get that perfume you have wanted for a while. FOr some reason I always feel better when I buy something I really want. (Until at the end of the month I have no money left in my bank account). But usually these little things make me appreciate life again, how crazy it sounds. 


This has really helped me sometimes, especially when my anxiety got really bad. You can follow a course or find a video on youtube that you feel comfortable following. It helps you to clear your head and give you some new space. It helps you forget for some time about your feelings and everything that goes on in your life. You can also try yoga to calm yourself not only mentally but also physically. Just don't push your own boundaries too much, it should relieve you, but not be too stressful when you don't succeed at first.

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