Why being single is great

As much as I would like to be in a relationship, I enjoy being single. Knowing that I will not be by myself for the rest of my life gives me a reason to enjoy the time I'm alone. So if you are in the same position, single and wanting a relationship, or single and not wanting a relationship…here are the positives of being single.

  • Free time - you can spent your time doing whatever you feel like doing. Go see the world, hang out with your friends do everything you want without having to feel guilty. 
  • Finding yourself - when you are not in a relationship you have time to focus on yourself. Who are you and what do you want in life. You don't have to settle for less, or live where your partner wants to live. You get to make decisions for yourself and find out what is important for you. 
  • Find a hobby - with free time it's perfect to find a new hobby that you will enjoy. Go to some art classes or art institute and find something that will fill the empty time that you might have. Bring along your (single) friends.
  • So how about a practical benefit? Saving money. I know, I know you can't compare love to money, but being a poor student, every penny saved is worth something. Thinks of the dinner dates, movie outings, the traveling/road trips, birthdays, valentines,  christmas, anniversaries, in-laws, etc….
  • Family & friends - although you aren't in a love relationship, it doesn't mean there aren't relationships 's  where you can still love people. Use this time to built new friendships and be around your family. Once you are in a relationship or (getting) less time is available to spent with them.
  • Relationships and marriages are not requirements to succeed in life. Whether you choose to be in a relationship or get married is up to you. In this society it often seems as a done deal. You study, get married, have kids and get a dog. That's the picture that is painted which seems like the perfect life. However, it's a choice to live this way, but not for everybody. It's not required and people shouldn't judge other people by their relationship status. 
  • After the dark comes out the sun, after rain comes a rainbow. So remember, someone out there will come along. keep hope and fill your days with activities that you have time for

Being single doesn't meant that you are not good enough. I know a lot of things that are organized, whether in your family, in church or by other gatherings, that are focused on couples or families. I want you to remember you're just as precious and important. You are saving your heart for someone that is really worth it. Don't go for the short relationships built on lust, but on the picture beyond the person. Don't ever settle less than what you deserve. Each one of us deserves the very best in life, and I am happily waiting for the man that will conquer my heart. I have made the decision for myself that I am not settling for anything less than what I deserve. I'm not going to waste my time and feelings on someone that I cannot picture a future with. You are special and deserve the best of the best. So why not protect yourself, including your emotional, mental and physical health, and lock your heart until you find your soulmate. 


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