Letter to my future husband #2

I am unsure when I wrote my first letter to you. Has it already been a year? I have prayed for you, and hoped that somehow we would meet. So far I haven't seen you, or atleast I don't think so. 
I cannot wait to meet you, and find out everything about your personality. To take long strolls during summer nights, have a picnick at the beach. What music concerts will we go to for my birthday? Are you employed, or struck by the crisis. Do we share  the same sense of humor?  Are you dating someone right now...waiting to find out whether she is the one?

 I have to confess that I am really unsure about my future...or maybe our future? Will we ever meet, or atleast soon? Deep down inside I have the need to meet you. I want to settle down...Yet maybe that is not God's plan for me? I have had dates and met people, but no one was my future spouse. I couldn't see myself with one of just didn't feel right. Especially now, everyone around me is dating, getting married and having little babies. I hear people around me say ''I wasn't looking but he was just there''. And here I am, looking my eyes out, yet no results. What is God's plan for me...for us? I know that maybe He is preparing me along the way to become a better person and future wife. 

I want you to know that I will continue to search and pray for you. And secretly, I hope you are doing the same. I know some people find this crazy, but I think there is no better thing. Someday we will meet, and I will maybe show you my letters. Please don't think I am crazy. I think of you all the time, and maybe I should focus a little bit more on work and school. I only get frustrated with everyday passing and you are still not here with me. This almost sounds obsessive..I'm sorry, I will stop now :) I hope you will wait for me, work on your relationship with Christ, and that hopefully we can be brought together when God decides the time is right

In my prayers, thoughts and heart. Stay safe <3

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